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Our experts specialize in developing elegant and simple solutions for your business


Get the most out of the market with our native iOS development, we thrive on creating beautiful applications that take the most out of user experience


Launch your business into the future with our sleek Android solutions. If it is in your clients hand, there you will be.


Need a dedicated service to drive your applications? We bring the good practices in your innovations.

  • We are passionate about building mobile apps from the ground up, and we have been doing so for quite a while. Our team of talents gather up many years of expertise and we strongly believe in working together with our clients to an extent that far surpasses standard client-service relations. We specialize in:

    • Android Apps
    • iOS Apps
    • Webservices
    • Games
    • Automation
    • Security
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Embedded Systems
    • Business Platforms
    • Computer Vision
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  • Our product RemoteORB offers an unique and intuitive way to control your home from any internet connected device

    • Unite all your remote controllers into one powerfull interface
    • Be able to access your devices from anywhere around the world
    • Create comfortable scenes to personalize your experience and special moments
    • Be able to see your house via cloud cameras
    • Simple
    • Affordable
    • Improved accessibility
    • Freedom of choice on devices
    • Security and convenience in one place
    Find out more about RemoteORB in our official site.

Our clients and partners


Innovation is in our heart

X15 Technology started its activities in 2011, we are a company that focus on developing innovative technological solutions that are both simple and friendly for our clients. Although we have focus on solutions and mobile applications we also innovate ourselves. On the spotlight is our product RemoteORB for home and businesses automation, which places in it´s users hand the total control of his electronic devices, from anywhere in the world.

Our company also researches and develops solutions for the everyday life, like the "Interactive Dance Floor" and "Social networking table for games".